Major Bureaucratic Reshuffle in Finance Ministry

Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Saran Mahat has implemented a major bureaucratic reshuffle within the ministry. The reshuffle, decided upon in a ministerial meeting held on Friday evening, involves key appointments and transfers within various departments.

The most notable change is the appointment of Bhupal Baral as the new Director General of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), succeeding Dirgha Raj Mainal. The decision to entrust Baral with this crucial role reflects the government’s commitment to optimizing revenue collection and fiscal management. Dirgha Raj Mainal, the outgoing Director General of IRD, has been reassigned to the Public Finance Management Office.

Furthermore, Chief of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Customs Office, Dr. Tok Raj Pandey, has been transferred to the Ministry of Finance, where he will lead the administration division. This move is expected to leverage Dr. Pandey’s expertise in customs management to enhance administrative functions within the ministry. Sewantak Pokharel, currently serving as Deputy Director General of the Department of Customs (DoC), will now take charge of the TIA Customs Office.

In another key development, Tanka Pandey, Deputy Director General of the Inland Revenue Department, has been appointed as the Deputy Director General of the Department of Customs (DoC), underscoring the cross-functional nature of the reshuffle.

Mahesh Acharya, who previously headed the Administration Division of the ministry, will now spearhead the Policy Analysis division, demonstrating a strategic realignment of responsibilities within the Finance Ministry.

The announcement also included the retirement of Baburam Bhandari, Head of the Policy and Analysis Division. Colleagues bid farewell to Bhandari on Friday, acknowledging his dedicated service to the ministry.

The Finance Minister expressed confidence that these changes will contribute to a more dynamic and responsive financial administration, aligning with the government’s broader objectives for economic development and fiscal management.


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