Maoist Center to Assert Claim for NA Chairman: Barshaman Pun

CPN (Maoist Center) Deputy General Secretary Barshaman Pun has announced that his party will assert its claim for the position of chairman of the National Assembly. Speaking to journalists at the Federal Parliament Building in New Baneshwar on Wednesday, Leader Pun stated, “It’s natural that the Maoist Center will lay claim to the chairman of the Upper House.” He emphasized the need for balance within the ruling alliance, citing the Maoist Center’s absence from the power dynamics in Koshi Province.

Pun highlighted the rationale behind the Maoist Center’s claim, noting the current distribution of key positions among political parties. “It is natural for the Maoist Center to have the post of the NA chairman since the President is from the Nepali Congress, the Speaker is from the CPN (UML), while the Deputy Speaker represents the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP),” he explained.

However, Pun clarified that there have been no discussions regarding the Nepali Congress assuming control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. “There have been no talks about the NC taking over the Home Ministry as yet. The NA chairman and the Council of Ministers are two different issues,” he emphasized.


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