Massive Avalanche Strikes Manaslu Peak, Raises Flood Risk in Budhigandaki Area

A massive avalanche originating from the iconic Manaslu Peak struck the vicinity of Samagaun in Chumanubri Rural Municipality-1, located in north Gorkha, this morning, triggering concerns for the safety of nearby communities.

Local resident Dizen Lama reported that the avalanche descended near Birendra Lake, nestled at the foothills of the majestic Manaslu mountain.

The avalanche, occurring at 9:00 am on Sunday, resulted in the overflow of lake water, which subsequently surged into the Budhigandaki River. This sudden development poses a significant risk of flooding along the Budhigandaki, potentially endangering settlements downstream.

Superintendent of Police Basudev Pathak, Chief of the District Police Office Gorkha, stated that upon receiving reports of the avalanche, a police team promptly mobilized to the site. The heightened water level in the river caused damage to a wooden bridge along its course. However, initial assessments by the police team indicate no immediate threat of further damage.

Bhola Dahal, Chief District Officer of Gorkha, issued a cautionary advisory, urging residents to remain vigilant amidst the increased water flow in the Budhigandaki area and to avoid visiting the river vicinity.

Birendra Lake, situated at the base of the Manaslu Peak, the eighth highest peak globally towering at 8,163 meters, serves as the primary source of the Budhigandaki River.

As authorities monitor the situation closely, concerted efforts are underway to ensure the safety of the local populace and mitigate the potential risks posed by the avalanche-induced flooding in the region.


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