Mayor Balen’s Poem: “I consider my country as a country, not a slave of anyone.”

In a series of bold moves, Mayor Balendra Shah of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has stirred up discussions and divided opinions among Nepali citizens. From displaying a map of Greater Nepal in his office to implementing a ban on the screening of Indian films in Kathmandu, Shah’s actions have attracted both support and criticism.

Since assuming office, Mayor Shah has been resolute in his efforts to assert Nepal’s sovereignty and cultural identity. His decision to display a map of Greater Nepal, which includes territories disputed with neighboring countries, has garnered significant attention. Supporters argue that Shah’s actions highlight the historical claims of Nepal, while critics question the diplomatic implications of such a display.

Furthermore, Mayor Shah recently issued an ultimatum to remove a controversial dialogue from the South Indian film Adipurush. When the dialogue was not eliminated within the given timeframe, he took the decision to halt the screening of all Indian films in Kathmandu. This move has been met with mixed reactions, with some applauding his commitment to protecting Nepal’s cultural values, while others express concern about the impact on bilateral relations.

In a surprising development, Mayor Shah showcased his artistic side by penning a poem. In his composition, he expressed a sense of fulfillment in fulfilling his responsibilities as a citizen of Nepal. The poem, which serves as a testament to his dedication to the nation, has further fueled discussions about Shah’s multifaceted approach to governance.

This is the poem he wrote:

When everyone in the country has died,
Then one person must take a breath and show,
That I am still alive.
I consider my country as a country, not a slave of anyone.
I may not be the wisest of all, but I know to be a citizen.
I did not say that I am great, my country is the greatest,
But atleast, I consider my country as a country.


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