Milan Devkota Appointed as Member-Secretary of NTB’s Executive Committee

During the 362nd meeting of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) held this Thursday, Milan Devkota has been appointed as the Member-Secretary of the Executive Committee. Devkota, who previously served as a board member, will now assume this role for a maximum of three months.

The decision to appoint Devkota comes at a time when the position of Executive Chief at NTB remains vacant. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation is yet to initiate the appointment process for this key role.

In accordance with the provisions outlined in the Nepal Tourism Board Act, 2053, Devkota will fulfill the duties of Member-Secretary until the appointment of the Executive Chief is finalized, with the interim period not exceeding three months.

Having previously served as an Executive Member of NTB’s Board of Directors and with a three-year tenure as a board member, Devkota brings valuable experience to his new role. He will now temporarily shoulder the responsibilities of both board membership and Member-Secretary at NTB.


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