Minister Clarifies: Management Contract for Nepal Airlines Not Privatization

Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Hit Bahadur Tamang, addressed concerns regarding the plan to award a management contract for Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), clarifying that it does not signify privatization.

In response to queries raised by lawmaker Prem Suwal during a House of Representatives meeting, Minister Tamang emphasized that a management contract does not equate to privatization. He emphasized that the ministry aims to introduce best practices in the civil aviation sector to reform NAC, ensuring thorough discussions precede any decision.

Highlighting NAC’s significance as a public entity, Minister Tamang affirmed the ministry’s commitment to making decisions that safeguard national interests. He acknowledged concerns regarding financial irregularities, corruption, and nepotism within NAC, assuring that the ministry is dedicated to addressing these issues.

Tamang underscored NAC’s pivotal role in Nepal’s air transport sector and tourism promotion. He reiterated the ministry’s efforts to bolster NAC through institutional reforms and business development, ensuring transparency and adherence to the law in all operations.

The ministry’s reassurance aims to allay concerns and foster confidence in the ongoing efforts to revitalize Nepal Airlines Corporation for the benefit of all Nepalis.


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