Ministry of Health Urges Public Caution Over Wild Mushrooms

The Ministry of Health and Population has issued a critical advisory urging the public to avoid consuming wild mushrooms. The National Health Education, Information, and Communication Center, operating under the Ministry of Health, emphasized this precaution in a recent statement.

This advisory comes in response to a concerning increase in fatalities linked to the consumption of wild mushrooms in recent years. The Center has highlighted the potential toxicity of these mushrooms and strongly advised against handling them with bare hands.

As the rainy season progresses, wild mushrooms tend to proliferate, posing a significant health risk to individuals who consume them unknowingly. Consumption of these mushrooms can lead to severe illness and, tragically, in some cases, fatalities.

The Ministry of Health’s advisory serves as a crucial reminder to the public to exercise caution and avoid the consumption of wild mushrooms, especially during this season.


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