Monsoon Enters Nepal

This year’s monsoon season has made its entry into Nepal through Eastern Nepal, as confirmed by the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) in a special bulletin issued on Wednesday. However, the onset of monsoon was delayed by one day compared to its scheduled date.

The MFD reported that the monsoon reached Koshi Province, Eastern parts of Madhesh Province, most parts of Bagmati Province, and eastern parts of the Gandaki Province on the very first day of its arrival.

The amended monsoon onset date for Nepal is June 13. Earlier the onset date of monsoon in Nepal was June 10. The MFD made this revision after 30 years in 2021. As per the revision, the monsoon will retreat on October 2. Earlier, September 23 was the withdrawal date.

The MFD also stated that the monsoon is expected to gradually advance in the remaining parts of Nepal over the next few days. This anticipated progression brings hope for sufficient rainfall and relief from the scorching heat that has prevailed in many areas.


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