Monsoon spreading across country

The monsoon weather system has its influence in the eastern and central parts of the country at present while the local wind and the Westerly wind have a partial impact in the rest of the parts.

The weather is cloudy with chances of light to moderate rainfall in the central and eastern parts due to this weather system, said the Meteorological Forecasting Division. Light rain is taking place in several places in Koshi, Bagmati and Gandaki provinces.

The monsoon system entered the country via the eastern part on June 14. The Division had, through a special bulletin on the arrival of monsoon, announced its arrival in Koshi Province, the eastern parts of Madhes Province, most of the parts of Bagmati Province and the eastern parts of Gandaki Province.

Meteorologist at the Division, Rojan Lamichhane, said the monsoon is gradually spreading and it will take a week before it extends across the country.

“The monsoon is spreading at a slow pace. It will take some more days for it to spread towards the western parts. Although the monsoon is weak to some extent, rainfall will take place continually,” he said.

The Division stated that as the monsoon is spreading at a slow pace it will take some days more for the monsoon to spread across the western parts of the country. Normally monsoon enters Nepal on June 13. This year the monsoon entered the country one day late.


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