More than 79,000 foreign tourists visit Nepal in January

A total of 79,100 foreign tourists arrived in Nepal in January, the first month of 2024.

The number was up by 24,026 as compared to the month of January, 2023. A total of 55,074 foreign tourists visited Nepal in January, 2023.

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 81,897 people went out of the country in January. The highest number of Indian tourists (24,139) visited Nepal in January against 16,436 in January, 2023.

Similarly, 7,267 tourists from China, 7,047 from America, 4,619 from Thailand, 3,812 from South Korea, 3,629 from Bangladesh and 3421 from Australia entered Nepal in January.

Likewise, 3,276 from UK, 2,229 from Bhutan and 1,568 from Japan visited Nepal in the month.


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