MP K.C. Calls for Dismissal of Federal System

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Rastriya Janamorcha Nepal Chairman Chitra Bahadur K.C. has advocated for the dismissal of Nepal’s current federal system, citing significant issues it has brought to the nation.

Speaking to the lower house meeting today, K.C. expressed his concerns regarding the structural problems caused by the federal setup, emphasizing that it has led to serious challenges within the country.

According to K.C., federalism is not indispensable for Nepal’s progress and development. He highlighted the stance of Rastriya Janamorcha, which has consistently opposed the federal system and proposed its removal during the constitution drafting process. “We emphasized not only making the country small by avoiding federalism but also suggested twice during the constitution drafting process that provinces, being burdensome for the nation, should be dismissed,” he recalled.

K.C. further pointed out that the prevailing sentiment now aligns with the view that provinces have become burdens rather than assets for the nation. He criticized the provinces for their perceived lack of substantial contributions, alleging that they primarily serve as platforms for political party leaders to manage power-sharing arrangements.


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