NA Chair calls for appropriately addressing public aspirations

National Assembly (NA) Chair Ganesh Prasad Timilsina has urged the political leadership to address the people’s deep aspirations for change, stating that voices creating apathy towards the change itself have been heard due to the failure to establish good governance and to run the governance system as per the public sentiment.

The Chair of the upper house of the Federal Parliament said this in a message of best wishes he gave on the occasion of the Republic Day today.

“Fifteen years of the establishment of the republic have passed. Voices creating antipathy towards the government and the entire political system itself have started to be heard as good governance could not be flourished and the governance activities not run as per the desire of the people,” he said.

Stating that the establishment of the republic in Nepal has vested sovereignty and state authority on the Nepali people, NA Chair Timilsina described this political system in which the government is run by representatives elected by the people is itself an advanced political system.

“I specially call upon the three tiers of the government, all the political parties, the bureaucracy, the civil society and all those concerned to constructively remain active for appropriately addressing the people’s strong desire for change through the ¬†maximum mobilization of available means and resources and implementation of the basic rights,” the NA Chair said.


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