Nation can be made prosperous through development of information technology: PM Prachanda

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the government is convinced that the nation can be made prosperous and the citizen’s living standard uplifted through the development, expansion and use of ICT sector.

In a message of best wishes on the occasion of the Sixth National Information and Communication Technology Day today, PM said the government is committed to put in place the legal framework including the required policy, Act and regulations required for ensuring the development, expansion and secure use of ICT.

Stating that the government has implemented the ‘Digital Nepal Framework, 2076’ with the concept of bringing transformation in the economic, social and cultural realms through the use of information technology, he said the government has given priority to works as formulating the necessary policies, laws and structure keeping in mind the growing cyber security challenges.

The Prime Minister stated that a study is ongoing for establishing the National Cyber Security Centre soon and expressed the commitment for timely policy improvement for bringing in skilled human resources on information technology into the government services and retaining the available workforce.

Noting that the 4G service has been made effective in all the districts to render quality telecommunication services, PM Dahal stated works have been expedited for expanding high speed internet service through extension of optical fibre. He made it clear that high-speed internet would be taken to all the local levels within the next fiscal year.

The Prime Minister also appealed to all sides for bringing a transformation in life of the general public by means of ICT through its rapid development.

The Sixth National Information Technology Day or ICT Day is being marked today. The theme of the ICT Day this year is ‘Secure Information Technology, Good Governance and Prosperity’. The use of ICT has expanded in recent days in Nepal also along with the development and expansion of ICT sector. Services provided by public sector are gradually becoming IT-friendly.


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