NC leader KC urges party leadership to adhere to rules, system

Nepali Congress (NC) leader Arjun Narsingh KC has underlined the need to run the party adhering to rules and system.

In his address to a programme to commemorate the 15th memorial day of Shailaja Acharya organised by the Nepali Congress (NC) Chitwan-3 here today, the leader said the party’s senior leadership should be aware of the necessity to comply with the rules and established procedures while operating the party.

He pressed the need to resolve intra-party problems and to further strengthen the party unity. KC called the entire party hierarchy to acknowledge the contribution of late Acharya to Nepali politics and follow the path she charted during her political career.

Shailaja, the first woman Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, is revered as a revolutionary political figure. She passed away on 29th of Jeth, 2066 BS (June 12, 2009) at the age of 65.


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