NC won’t walk away from the agreement by the 8-party alliance for 5 years: Gagan Thapa

Nepali Congress (NC) general secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa today said things would move ahead as per the agreement by the eight-party alliance. The NC would not deviate from the agreement, he said at an orientation session relating to the presidential election organised here by the coalition partners for their parliamentarians.

“The NC will not walk away from the agreement struck by the alliance for the next five years. There is a need to continue the coalition with faith,” he said.

Stating that the NC is committed to make the people feel the implementation of the constitution and changes, the leader said the alliance was not exempted from its responsibility to carry out work in coming days.

In the presidential election, he said Ram Chandra Paudel, the presidential candidate from the alliance, is an appropriate candidate to make the position of President prestigious and respectable. Lauding him as a loyal person who fought for the establishment of democracy, republic and constitution, the leader called for making him victorious.

The Cabinet expansion would move ahead following the election to Vice President that is scheduled for March 17, he said.

Similarly, Chief Minister of the Bagmati Province Shalikram Jamakattel stressed the need for continuing the alliance to safeguard the constitution and pursue prosperity of the country. The coalition has had a positive impact on the people, he claimed.

He urged all to make the presidential candidate, Paudel, victorious. Also, the CPN (Unified Socialist) Vice Chairperson Rajendra Pandey claimed that 10 political parties including the alliance had supported Paudel in the poll. “There is no alternative to make him victorious,” he said.


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