Nepal Aiming for Social Transformation and Egalitarian Society, Says Chief Justice Shrestha

Chief Justice Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha emphasized that judicial reforms in Nepal are geared towards enhancing fairness, efficiency, and public trust in the judiciary.

Speaking at the “International Conference on Judiciary Across the Borders: 21st Century Challenges and Experiences from the Himalayas and Beyond” in Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 7-8, Chief Justice Shrestha highlighted that the Constitution of Nepal guarantees the right to justice as a fundamental right and judicial independence as a core value. He pointed out significant decisions by the Supreme Court of Nepal that safeguard constitutionally guaranteed rights in areas such as food security, health rights, and social justice.

In his keynote address as the Guest of Honour, Shrestha reiterated Nepal’s commitment to ensuring access to justice through robust legal and institutional mechanisms. He emphasized the broader goal of achieving social transformation and establishing an egalitarian society based on participation and inclusion, according to the Embassy of Nepal in Dhaka.

During his visit, Chief Justice Shrestha met with Chief Justice Obaidul Hassan and other Justices of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Chief Justice Shrestha is on an official visit to Bangladesh from June 6-9 at the invitation of his Bangladeshi counterpart, Chief Justice Obaidul Hassan.


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