‘Nepal Aiming to Become Higher Education Hub’

In a significant address during the 9th assembly of the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS), Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda,’ expressed a compelling vision for Nepal to become a hub for higher education. He emphasized that this aspiration was not merely a goal but a tangible and promising area of possibility for the nation.

PM Prachanda was pleased to note the increasing number of international students choosing Karnali Academy of Health Sciences for their education, marking a positive trend in global recognition and attraction towards Nepal’s academic institutions.

Acknowledging the vital role KAHS plays in providing direct healthcare services to the most remote and underprivileged areas, Prime Minister Prachanda expressed his confidence in the academy’s progress in the days to come. He commended the institution for not only delivering essential services but also for contributing to the production of skilled and diligent healthcare professionals.

“Karnali Academy of Health Sciences is not just providing services to destitute people but also producing skilled, hardworking health workers,” remarked the Prime Minister.

He highlighted the academy’s crucial role during challenging times, citing its commendable efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and earthquake disasters. PM Prachanda praised KAHS for its responsible and prepared approach in delivering services, emphasizing the importance of quality healthcare in times of crisis.

Prime Minister Prachanda urged for the simplification and enhancement of services provided by the academy, emphasizing the need for high-quality education. He stressed the importance of producing healthcare professionals who are not only qualified and efficient but also imbued with qualities of honesty, patriotism, and competitiveness, preparing them for a global stage.

As Nepal strives to position itself as a hub for higher education, PM Prachanda’s vision underscores the government’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and contributing to the global education landscape.


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