Nepal Awaits Its First Medal at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou

As the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou continue to captivate sports enthusiasts from across the continent, Nepal is yet to secure its first medal in the competition. The event has seen a total of 610 medals distributed among participating athletes up until Thursday.

China has dominated the medal tally, clinching a staggering 169 medals in total, which includes an impressive haul of 91 gold, 52 silver, and 26 bronze medals. They lead the rankings with a significant margin.

South Korea occupies the second position in the medal standings, having secured a commendable 86 medals in total. Their collection consists of 24 gold, 23 silver, and 39 bronze medals.

Japan holds the third spot, with 18 gold medals, 30 silver medals, and 31 bronze medals. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan has earned its place in fourth place, boasting 6 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 15 bronze medals.

India, with 6 gold medals, eight silver medals, and 11 bronze medals, takes the fifth position in this prestigious sporting event held in Hangzhou City, China.

Other nations, including Thailand with six gold medals, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China with five gold medals, and Chinese Taipei with four gold medals, have also made notable contributions to the medal tally.

Out of the 45 participating countries, a total of 33 have successfully secured medals in the Asian Games. However, as of now, Nepal is yet to make its mark on the medal chart.

Nepal remains hopeful of securing medals in upcoming events, particularly in e-sports, badminton, and men’s cricket tournaments. As the competition progresses, Nepali athletes continue to strive for victory and aim to make their country proud on the grand stage of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou.


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