Nepal Faces No Major Security Threats: CoAS Sharma

Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS) General Prabhu Ram Sharma assured the public that Nepal is currently facing no major security challenges. His comments came during a recent session with the Federalism Strengthening and National Concerns Committee of the National Assembly held on Tuesday.

General Sharma acknowledged the existence of minor security challenges, attributed to various factors including the sensitive geopolitical landscape, open borders, climate changes, labor migration, cyber threats, and emerging AI technologies. However, he emphasized that these challenges are manageable and under control.

“Sometimes, incidents based on religious, cultural, and ethnic identities occur, but these are typically addressed at the local level by political parties,” Sharma explained, suggesting a robust mechanism for conflict resolution within the country.

The Army Chief also noted that despite periodic agitations by groups like the Mongol National Organisation and identitarians, as well as activities led by Durga Prasain, these do not pose national security issues.

Furthermore, General Sharma touched upon the regional impacts of instability in neighboring countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the intensifying rivalry between India and China. He mentioned that these dynamics do influence Nepal indirectly, especially concerning regional power balances and stability.

The Nepali Army remains vigilant and responsive to the fluid political landscape, ensuring the safety and security of the nation amidst regional tensions and internal challenges.


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