Nepal Welcomes New Year 2081 BS

Today marks the beginning of New Year 2081 Bikram Sambat in Nepal as the country joyously celebrates Baishakh 1 with grandeur and excitement. The commencement of the Bikram Sambat calendar holds deep cultural significance in Nepali tradition.

Baishakh 1, both in the solar and lunar calendars, symbolizes the dawn of new beginnings. While the solar calendar designates it as the New Year, the lunar calendar places it on the first day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra, embedded in Hindu Panchanga.

Throughout the nation, people exchange warm greetings and engage in vibrant festivities with loved ones. From lively gatherings with friends and family to reverent visits to temples and monasteries, the spirit of renewal and reflection permeates the air.

With the arrival of the new year, individuals reflect on past experiences, resolve to overcome shortcomings, and embark on fresh endeavors with renewed determination. As celebrations resonate across the country, New Year 2081 BS ushers in a period of optimism and rejuvenation for all.


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