Nepal Witnesses Surge in Condom Imports

The Customs Department’s data indicates a substantial increase in the import of condoms during the first six months of the fiscal year 2080/81, raising eyebrows and sparking discussions about the changing dynamics of consumer behavior in Nepal.

From the month of Shrawan to Poush, Nepal has witnessed the import of more than 1 crore 98 lakh 90 thousand condoms, marking a notable surge in demand for this essential product. The financial implications of this surge reveal that a staggering amount of 12 crore 91 lakh 87 thousand rupees has been spent on importing this quantity of condoms, leading to a significant outflow of funds from the country.

Interestingly, amidst the financial outflow, the state treasury has received a modest revenue of Rs. 27,000, collected on condoms equivalent to the aforementioned import value. This has prompted discussions on the economic impact and potential benefits associated with the condom trade.

India, Nepal’s neighboring country, emerges as the primary contributor to this surge, with a whopping 11 crore 80 lakh 56 thousand rupees worth of condoms imported from across the border. The data suggests a growing reliance on Indian imports to meet the increasing demand for contraceptives in Nepal.


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