Nepali-American State Representative Harry Bhandari Announces Candidacy for U.S. Federal Parliament

Harry Bhandari, a prominent American state parliamentarian of Nepali origin, has officially declared his candidacy for the position of U.S. federal parliamentarian. Currently serving as the state representative of Maryland for his second term, Bhandari has set his sights on the lower house of the United States Congress.

Having held the position of Maryland state lawmaker since 2019, Bhandari formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party on May 14. His decision to enter the race follows the announcement by 78-year-old MP Dutch Ruppersberger, representing the 11th term in the Lower House from Maryland’s Second District, that he will not seek re-election.

Bhandari’s political journey to Capitol Hill is anticipated to be favorable, given the Democratic stronghold in the district. The primary election, a crucial step in the process, will determine the official Democratic nominee. In the United States, federal parliamentary elections are scheduled for November.

If successful in the primary election and subsequently in the general election, Bhandari would secure a seat as a Congressman in the lower house of the U.S. federal parliament. However, a loss in the primary election would halt his progression to the federal level.

Harry Bhandari, known for his dedicated service to the Nepalese community, has been actively engaged in Maryland politics, providing significant support to the local Nepalese population. Notably, he played a pivotal role in coordinating aid efforts for Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Born in a mountain district of Nepal, Bhandari’s journey from a state representative to a federal candidate reflects the growing influence of individuals of Nepali descent in American politics. His candidacy is poised to contribute to the diversity and representation of the Nepali community on the national stage, should he secure the Democratic nomination and emerge victorious in the federal elections.


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