Nepali Congress Leader Advocates Electoral Reform, Urges Constitutional Amendments

Dr. Sekhar Koirala, a central member and prominent figure within the Nepali Congress party, has emphasized the urgent need for electoral reform, suggesting that constitutional amendments may be necessary to achieve it.

Addressing a gathering of active cadres in Jhapa district as part of the party’s ‘NC in community’ campaign on Monday, Leader Koirala highlighted the necessity of amending electoral provisions within the constitution. He pledged his party’s commitment to initiating policy-level efforts aimed at fostering electoral competition among marginalized groups.

Koirala asserted, “It’s imperative not only to allocate election tickets but also to guarantee seats for individuals from reserved quota groups. The constitution should explicitly mandate electoral competition among women, Dalits, and indigenous communities.”

Moreover, he proposed the adoption of proportional representation for the National Assembly, while advocating for direct elections for the House of Representatives.

During the interaction, 23 active cadres from Damak, Kamal, Gauradaha, and Shivasatakshi municipality offered suggestions to Leader Koirala regarding the reform agenda within the Nepali Congress.

A prevalent sentiment among the cadres was a strong aversion to forming alliances with other parties in the upcoming elections. Additionally, they urged the party leadership to maintain consistent outreach programs and mobilize sister organizations to engage with the public effectively.


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