Nepali Congress Objects to Gandaki Province Assembly Call

The Nepal Congress parliamentary party in Gandaki Province has raised objections to the call for an assembly meeting by Province Chief Dilliraj Bhatta. The objection stems from the fact that the fate of the current assembly is pending judicial review at the Supreme Court.

Parliamentary party leader Surendra Raj Pande expressed the party’s dissent in a press statement, highlighting the violation of the Supreme Court’s interim order, constitutional provisions, and existing laws. Pande asserted that the decision to summon the assembly meeting for April 19 disregards the ongoing legal proceedings and constitutes contempt of court.

Furthermore, Pande criticized the appointments made by the Province government during this period, emphasizing concerns over their legality and constitutionality.

The dispute arose following the appointment of UML leader Khagraj Adhikari as Province Chief Minister through a vote by the Speaker, a move challenged by the Nepali Congress. The NC filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court on April 9, arguing that Adhikari’s appointment was unconstitutional.

In response to the petition, the Supreme Court issued an interim order directing the Gandaki Province government to refrain from undertaking any further actions until the case is resolved.

The objections raised by the Nepali Congress underscore the legal and constitutional complexities surrounding the governance and decision-making processes in Gandaki Province. As the judicial proceedings unfold, the province remains in a state of uncertainty, awaiting a resolution to the ongoing legal dispute.


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