Nepali Nationals in Kyrgyzstan Advised to Remain Indoors Amid Mob Violence in Bishkek

Nepali nationals living in Kyrgyzstan have been urged to exercise caution and remain indoors until the situation stabilizes, following reports of mob violence targeting foreign students in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The Embassy of Nepal in Islamabad, Pakistan, has confirmed that the approximately 280 Nepalis residing in and around Bishkek are reported to be safe.

The embassy has requested Nepalis to contact them for any information and support at phone number +92512610321 (including WhatsApp) or via email at [email protected]. “We are closely monitoring the situation and are in constant communication with local authorities and our citizens in Bishkek,” a spokesperson for the embassy stated.

The Kyrgyz foreign ministry assured on Saturday that the situation is under control. “From the moment information about the incident was received, law enforcement agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic took prompt measures to detain persons involved in the event, both foreign citizens and citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic,” the ministry stated.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has also advised its nationals in Kyrgyzstan to stay indoors following attacks on foreigners in Bishkek. Pakistan repatriated 140 Pakistani students from Bishkek after the violence and plans to conduct more flights to bring back those who wish to leave, according to the Associated Press.

The violence reportedly began last week due to a clash between Kyrgyz people and foreigners. Nepali nationals are reminded to remain in contact with the embassy for any assistance and to avoid leaving their homes until further notice.

For more updates and support, Nepalis in Kyrgyzstan are advised to follow the embassy’s communications and reach out if they require any help. The embassy remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all Nepali citizens in the region.


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