Nepalis Arrested, Forced Back to War by Russia, Says Bishwa Prakash Sharma

In a statement made by Nepali Congress General Secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma, alarming revelations have come to light regarding the treatment of Nepali nationals returning home from Moscow. Sharma, who is also a Member of Parliament, voiced his concerns during a session of the Parliament’s State Affairs Committee on Sunday.

Sharma asserted that Nepali youths, who had departed from the Russian Army, were apprehended upon their return to Nepal and forcibly sent back to the conflict zone by Russian military authorities. Expressing profound dismay over these actions, Sharma questioned the humanitarian aspect of such measures.

“How humane is it to arrest Nepalis who left the Russian Army and take them back to war, even when the Nepali Embassy in Moscow is facilitating their return? What is the state doing for them?” Sharma articulated, emphasizing the dire need for governmental intervention to safeguard the rights and well-being of its citizens.

In a scathing critique aimed at the government’s response, Sharma underscored the imperative for the state to exhibit its presence, particularly in times of crisis. He highlighted the plight of hundreds of Nepalis reportedly detained by Russian soldiers and urged the government to provide clarity on the situation.

“Does the government possess knowledge of the circumstances faced by these individuals? Is there ongoing communication with Russian authorities regarding this matter? What is the exact count of Nepalis serving in the Russian Army, and does the government possess comprehensive data?” Sharma inquired, seeking transparency and accountability from the authorities.


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