NEPSE Extends Winning Streak, Hydropower Sector Soars

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) continued its bullish trend for the third consecutive day, marking a substantial increase of 14.88 points, or 0.705%, on Tuesday. The benchmark index settled at 2,119.61 points by the closing bell, supported by a surge in intra-day turnover, which reached Rs 5.544 billion.

This upward trajectory was fueled by active trading, with 15,178,368 units of shares from 308 companies changing hands in 117,059 transactions. This represents a significant improvement from the previous day’s turnover of Rs 4.566 billion.

Simultaneously, the sensitive index, representing class ‘A’ stocks, saw a modest uptick of 0.17%, while the float index, indicating actively traded shares, experienced a robust increase of 0.50%.

Investor enthusiasm was notably reignited in the hydropower sector, witnessing a remarkable 1.47% surge. This propelled the hydropower sector into the top gainers’ list, alongside the Others Index (3.56%), Trading Index (1.76%), and Hotels and Tourism Index (1.59%).

Conversely, the banking sector faced challenges, with the Banking Sub-index, Finance Index, and Microfinance Index all experiencing losses, along with the Non-life Insurance Index.

In today’s trading session, a total of 152 companies advanced, while 85 registered declines, with 10 maintaining their positions. Notably, three companies—Chandragiri Hills Limited (CGH), Samaj Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (SAMAJ), and Rawa Energy Development Limited (RAWA)—saw a remarkable 10% surge in their share values.

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited (HRL) continued to dominate in terms of turnover, volume, and transactions, with 1,070,172 units of its shares traded for Rs 752,786,918.20 across 26,218 transactions.

As the day concluded, the total market capitalization stood at Rs 3.331 trillion, reflecting the positive sentiment in the Nepalese stock market. Investors are closely monitoring sectoral trends and individual stock performances as the market continues to show resilience and potential for further growth.


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