NEPSE’s Mixed Bag: Gains for Some, Losses for Many

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed a divergent start to the trading week, reflecting a varied landscape of gains and losses among investors.

In tandem with the benchmark index, the sensitive index, which evaluates ‘A’ class stocks, experienced a 1.02% decline, while the float index, indicating actively traded shares, decreased by 0.43%. Despite the overall decline, the market saw a daily turnover of Rs 4.085 billion generated from 10,571,199 units of transactions involving 305 companies, totaling 83,877 transactions.

Today’s trading session primarily exhibited a negative trend, with most sectors recording losses, except for hydropower, development banks, and mutual funds, which showed gains. The hydropower sector, in particular, continued to attract investors and rose by 0.22%, leading the gainers.

Conversely, the manufacturing and processing sector suffered the most, plummeting by 2.88%, followed by the Hotels and Tourism sector with a 1.59% decline, and the trading index with a 1.55% decrease.

Among the companies, Samaj Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (SAMAJ) stood out with a 10% positive circuit breaker, contrasting with NIC Asia Growth Fund-2, which experienced a 10% decrease. Out of the 305 companies, only 91 advanced, while 148 declined, and eight remained unchanged in terms of share values.

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited (HRL) continued its market dominance, leading in turnover, volume, and transactions. It traded 887,170 units of shares worth Rs 624,785,368.60, involving 12,606 transactions. The total market capitalization on Sunday stood at Rs 3.278 trillion.

As investors navigate through the fluctuations, the NEPSE’s performance reflects a diverse landscape of opportunities and challenges, with some sectors flourishing while others face setbacks.


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