New Species of Bird Found in Ghodaghodi

A new species of bird has been discovered in the Ghodaghodi Bird Sanctuary of Kailali. The sanctuary, part of the Ghodaghodi Wetlands, is listed in the World Ramsar List, highlighting its significance as a vital wetland area.

The discovery was made during a bird census conducted at the sanctuary from May 20 to 26. The newly identified bird, the Oriental Dollarbird, known locally as Lalchuche Theuwa, was recorded for the first time in the sanctuary.

Scientifically named Eurystomus orientalis, the Lalchuche Theuwa migrates to Nepal from India and Bangladesh during the summer season. A pair of these birds was found in the Bethani area of Ghodaghodi, according to Hirulal Dagoura, a facilitator at Bird Conservation Nepal.

With the addition of this new species, the total number of bird species identified in the Ghodaghodi Wetlands has now reached 381.

The bird census was conducted in coordination with the Division Forest Office and Bird Conservation Nepal. The primary objective of the census was to update the species count, number, and condition of summer migratory birds in the area.


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