NIC Asia Bank’s ‘tag’ on Nepalese fake notes

Authorities have uncovered a concerning link between counterfeit Nepalese currency and NIC Asia Bank. The police reported that the distinctive tag of NIC Asia Bank was identified on approximately two crore Nepalese fake notes confiscated during a recent operation.

The seizure, which took place on Sunday morning, involved the apprehension of an Indian national at Inaruwa Municipality-4, Sunsari district. The suspect was intercepted during a routine traffic check along the East-West Highway. Upon inspection, officials discovered a substantial amount of counterfeit Nepali currency amounting to 1 crore eighty-two lakh one thousand rupees.

The fake currency, primarily consisting of one thousand rupee notes, was found stashed inside a black bag within a white Mahendra Scorpio vehicle. The vehicle was traveling from west to east, with the accused himself behind the wheel.

Authorities have initiated investigations into the matter to determine the extent of the counterfeit currency network and any potential involvement of NIC Asia Bank.


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