Nominees Unveiled for Best Youth Sportsperson and Coach at NSJF Pulsar Sports Awards

The nominations for the best youth sportsperson and coach of the year for the NSJF Pulsar Sports Award-2079 BS have been officially unveiled, marking an exciting moment for Nepal’s sports fraternity.

A total of eight exceptionally talented athletes, showcasing their prowess across various sports competitions, have been nominated for the prestigious award to be presented by the Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF). The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on February 11, promising an evening of celebration and recognition.

The nominees for the best youth sportsperson category include:

  1. Bijaya Bata and Sushma Tamang (Boxing)
  2. Dev Khanal and Deepesh Kandel (Cricket)
  3. Ram Maya Budha (Athletics)
  4. Sadhbhav Acharya (Golf)
  5. Sujata Tamang and Yunesh Budhathoki (Football)
  6. Sushma Tamang (Boxing)

These exceptional individuals have demonstrated remarkable talent and dedication, earning them well-deserved recognition on a national platform.

Similarly, the nominees for the best youth coach category are:

  1. Ananta Thapa and Bhagawati Rana Magar (Football)
  2. Bharat Shah (Volleyball)
  3. Chandra Gurung (Athletics)
  4. Deepak Maharjan (Boxing)
  5. Jagat Tamata and Monti Desai (Cricket)
  6. Angden Lama (Swimming)

Among these esteemed coaches, three will be shortlisted as the top three contenders, with one ultimately being honored as the winner, according to the NSJF.

The NSJF Pulsar Sports Awards not only celebrate excellence in sports but also recognize the pivotal role of coaches in nurturing and shaping the talents of young athletes. The awards ceremony promises to be a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship and dedication that continues to thrive within Nepal’s sporting community.


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