Number of patients with skin allergy increase in Banke

With soaring temperatures in Banke, the district in the Lumbini Province, the number of patients with skin allergies has increased.
Doctors say people are visiting health facilities with complaints of itching, scabies, rashes, and skin infections.

According to Bheri Hospital in Nepalgunj, it has been dealing with increased cases of skin issues amidst the rising temperature.
Hospital’s dermatologist Dr Badri Chapagain said these days’ 60-70 people visit the hospital daily with skin-related issues such as rashes, scabies, itching, and so on.

He advised one and all to pay attention to the maintenance of personal hygiene and avoid exposure to the sun as prevention against problems and not to use medicines haphazardly. People have been urged to use and take medicines only under a medical prescription.

The district-based Shining Hospital says it treated around 1,000 cases of skin diseases in a month. Most of the cases are from the Janaki, Khajura, Baijanath, and Nepalgunj Sub metropolis.

According to doctors, skin related complications are more frequent in summer. A few days back, the temperature in Nepalgunj reached 44. 2 Degrees Celsius.


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