Oli Refutes Claims of Constitution Amendment Agreement with NC

KP Sharma Oli, Chairman of the CPN (UML), has stated that there has been no agreement between the Nepali Congress and UML to form a commission for the amendment of the constitution.

Addressing a meeting of the party’s secretariat held at the UML central office in Chyasal, Oli emphasized that no formal agreement exists between the two parties regarding the formation of such a commission. He noted that any amendments to the constitution will be based on practical experience and necessity rather than predetermined points.

“Constitutional amendments, if needed, will be made based on experience, addressing where and what kinds of changes, reforms, and improvements are necessary. We have not reached a specific conclusion, and no commission has been formed under anyone’s leadership,” Oli stated.

He further mentioned that discussions about the commission have not occurred and that any amendments will aim to protect and promote national interests, working towards the vision of a prosperous Nepal and a happy Nepali populace.

Oli also addressed the concerns of confusion and instability, which have arisen due to the perceived alliance between the Nepali Congress and UML. He clarified that the collaboration aims to prevent repetitive changes and the frequent fall of provincial governments, which invite instability and political bargaining driven by personal and party interests.


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