Oli Warns of Consequences Amidst Challenging Times

In a stern address at the inauguration ceremony of the administrative building of Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality in Sindhupalchok, CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli expressed grave concerns about Nepal’s current state, attributing it to the power-centric approach within the ruling coalition.

Oli asserted that the nation is facing challenging times due to the actions of political parties in the ruling coalition, emphasizing their negative influence on the UML and obstruction of constructive opposition activities. He pointed fingers at eight political parties, accusing them of attempting to destabilize the UML.

The CPN-UML Chairman revealed that he has warned the ruling coalition parties to alter their approach or face severe consequences in the upcoming elections. Despite clarifying that the UML is not eager to form an immediate government, Oli highlighted the party’s commitment to making significant progress in the 2084 elections.

In his address, Oli underscored the vital role of modernizing agriculture as a key factor in building a prosperous Nepal. He called for a shift in focus towards agricultural development to uplift the nation.


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