OPMCM Initiates Follow-Up on Prime Minister’s Directives Implementation

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) has taken proactive steps to monitor the implementation of directives issued by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to government ministers and secretaries. These directives were issued during ministry-wise reviews conducted at the outset of the Prime Minister’s second term in office.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has initiated correspondence with relevant ministries, requesting progress reports on the execution of directives issued by the Prime Minister. According to Joint Secretary at the PMO, Khom Raj Koirala, letters were dispatched to ministries on January 24, soliciting updates on the implementation status of the Prime Minister’s directives.

Koirala indicated that while some ministries have yet to submit their progress reports, they have been urged to expedite the process and furnish the necessary information without delay.

During the ministry-wise reviews, Prime Minister Dahal issued specific directives tailored to address various sectors’ challenges and promote policy reforms. For instance, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies received a 10-point directive, while the Ministry of Water Supply and the Ministry of Forests and Environment each received seven-point directives.

Similarly, the Urban Development Ministry was tasked with developing a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the ‘One Model Integrated Settlement, One Local Level’ concept and transforming traditional bus parks into smart bus parks. The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport received directives spanning 13 points, emphasizing the extension of roadways to rural settlements, cost reduction in agricultural production, and timely completion of development projects.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security was assigned a comprehensive set of 17 directives, including measures to balance demand and supply in the job market and provisions for medical treatment of Nepali migrant workers injured abroad.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation received directives related to promoting tourism and enhancing Nepal’s international profile.

Ministries have responded promptly to the PM’s directives, with reports already prepared and forwarded to the PMO. Secretary at the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation, Suresh Acharya, confirmed the submission of an eight-point progress report, addressing issues such as drinking water supply in Kathmandu Valley and sewerage problems in major cities.

Similarly, the Ministry of Forests and Environment has commenced a study on community forests’ status to ensure equitable access to forest resources. Ministry Secretary Dr. Deepak Kumar Kharal affirmed the ministry’s commitment to implementing the PMO’s directives.

Narayan Prasad Bhatta, spokesperson for the OPMCM, emphasized the importance of ongoing monitoring and urged ministries to submit progress reports fortnightly to the Infrastructure Development Division at the OPMCM.

The concerted efforts of the OPMCM reflect the government’s commitment to ensuring effective governance and addressing key developmental challenges in line with the Prime Minister’s vision.


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