Opposition Front Requests Speaker Not to Hold House Session Until TOR is Finalized

The opposition front, which has decided to allow Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane to speak in Parliament on the cooperative issue, has requested that the House of Representatives meeting not be held until the Parliamentary Committee agrees on the Terms of Reference (TOR).

Due to this request from the opposition, the meeting of the House of Representatives scheduled for 11 o’clock has become uncertain for the time being.

Right after the meeting of the opposition front with the Nepali Congress in New Baneshwar, RPP MP Gyanendra Bahadur Shahi met Speaker Devraj Ghimire and asked him not to conduct the house meeting until an agreement is reached on the TOR.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the task force to reach an agreement on the TOR of the Parliamentary Investigation Committee is being held at the Ministry of Law in Singhadarbar.

After the meeting of the opposition front, Congress leader Ramesh Lekhak also joined the task force meeting. Earlier, NC leader Gyanendra Karki was also added to the task force meeting.


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