Parliamentary Committee Advocates for Enhanced Federalism Implementation

The National Assembly’s National Concerns and Coordination Committee has issued directives to the government, emphasizing the need for increased coordination among the three tiers of government and various ministries to ensure the effective implementation of federalism in Nepal.

The directives stem from a comprehensive study report prepared by the Committee, which was based on discussions with relevant agencies and experts across the seven provinces. The findings of this report were deliberated upon during Wednesday’s committee meeting.

Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa (Parbati), Chairperson of the committee, highlighted that the recommendations and instructions issued to the government aim to expedite the development of laws and structures delineating the rights and jurisdictions among the federal, provincial, and local governments. This endeavor, she emphasized, should be guided by mutual coordination and cooperation.

The study revealed shortcomings in the inter-ministerial coordination of the government, as well as inefficiencies within the national coordination council, provincial coordination council, and thematic committees under the federal Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

In response, the committee has urged the federal government to prioritize national needs, formulate and monitor plans and budgets based on clear criteria, and effectively implement fiscal federalism. These measures are deemed crucial for ensuring the equitable distribution of resources and the efficient functioning of governance structures at all levels.

As Nepal continues its journey towards effective federalism, the National Concerns and Coordination Committee remains committed to advocating for robust coordination mechanisms and policies that foster inclusive development and governance across the country.


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