Phanindra Devkota Under Fire: Maoist Center Acts on Floor Crossing

The Maoist Center has begun disciplinary proceedings against Gandaki Province Member of Parliament (MP) Phanindra Devkota, accusing him of “floor crossing” and casting a vote of confidence in favor of Chief Minister Surendraraj Pandey.

Hari Bahadur Chuman, the leader of the Maoist Parliamentary Party, officially notified the parliament secretariat regarding Devkota’s actions. The Speaker is expected to announce this disciplinary measure during the upcoming provincial assembly meeting. If confirmed, Devkota will lose his parliamentary position.

Devkota, who originally hails from the Nepal Samajwadi Party, contested the election in Gorkha 2 (A) under the Maoist Center’s banner. Despite directives from the Maoist parliamentary party, he supported Chief Minister Pandey with his vote of confidence, leading to his appointment as the Minister of Energy.


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