PM insists on applied use of University knowledge

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the role of academic institutions is vital to improve people’s living standards and to take the nation towards the path of progress and sustainable development.

In his address to the fifth convocation ceremony of the Nepal Sanskrit University at Beljhundi of Dang today, the head of the government said the university teachers, employees, graduates and the entire society were expected to contribute to educational and academic prosperity by rising above political beliefs and interests.

Underling the need for applied use of University knowledge and expertise, the Prime Minister urged the University’s fresh graduates to dedicate themselves to innovation, building the nation and serving the public.

“The government wants to promote effective coordination and healthy competition among universities so as to develop and promote quality education within the country,” said the Prime Minister who is also the University Chancellor. “The government has come up with a clear plan to promote research-based studies in universities. The policies incorporate the issue of revising the University curriculum as per the need of time.”

The University Chancellor pledged to make provisions for the capacity enhancement of University students and human resources.

He urged graduates not to forget their responsibility to pass on their knowledge to the public and the need to be proactive in capacity building to adjust to the present competitive era.

Stating that the federal government was effortful in fulfilling its historic responsibility to institutionalise the democratic republic, he stressed the need for empowering and unifying general people to pursue prosperity in the country. “The University must play its part in the great campaign for the national reawakening.”

The University’s main responsibility is to safeguard Nepali identity while preserving and promoting oriental art, language and literature, he said.

He praised the University for playing an important role in the development, expansion and standardisation of Nepal’s higher education, and contributing to the conservation and development of oriental norms and values, customs, culture and principles.

Drawing the attention of the University for failing to organise the University Convocation Ceremony for the past 12 years, he urged the University office bearers not to play with the future of students by being negligent and to do things timely that are connected to them in.

Stating that education is the base for research, inventions and development activities, he said the University is expected to produce well-cultured, efficient and disciplined people who could build a prosperous society.


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