PM Prachanda assures of agriculture-focused budget

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said preparations are on to bring the policies and programmes and budget for the upcoming fiscal year focusing on agricultural production and job creation.

During his joint meeting with representatives of peasants’ organisations at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers at Singha Durbar today, the Prime Minister said the way towards prosperity was possible when production and employment were accorded priorities.

“The goal of prosperity is achievable when the agricultural sector gets the top priority. We are preparing to introduce new programmes aiming to increase production and job creations in policies, programmes and budget for the upcoming fiscal,” he said, underling the need of concentrating a full strength on production to build a robust national economy.

Stating that Nepal’s communist movement was founded on the peasants’ movement, the Chair of the CPN (Maoist Centre) said the same movement was the base for democratic movements as well. “Now the pattern of productions has got changed. Agriculture has lost its charm due an increasing attraction to foreign employment. But still agriculture is the backbone of our economy and our efforts continue for further systematizing it.”

He took time to say the government’s some good initiations remained invisible. “We have ensured some good deeds in the four months at office.”

There are improvements in revenue collection despite not being in line with the target. There is encouraging increment in the foreign exchange reserves, he said.

There have been positive corrections in most economic indicators while the influx of foreign tourists has seen improvements, he said.

“I am entirely at consultation and interactions with stakeholders to bring improvements in economy. Some positive results can be seen in some times,” he said. He stressed the need for the microfinances and cooperatives to focus on labour and production.

“Financial anarchy and problems in rules have surfaced when microfinances and cooperatives involve in financial transactions. On the other hand, production sector has been shadowed as a result. They should focus on labour and production. Problems relating to this matter will be resolved by making necessary provisions in the policy,” he said.

On the occasion, the delegation stressed the need for the government to prioritise agriculture, and honour farmers. They also submitted a memorandum to PM Prachanda.


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