PM Prachanda Confident of Winning Fourth Vote of Confidence

In a resolute address at the CPN (Maoist Center) Central Party Office Perishdanda, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ expressed unwavering confidence in his ability to secure a vote of confidence for the fourth consecutive time. Amidst a book release event, PM Prachanda declared his intent to seek the vote of confidence again on May 20th, assuring supporters that success was inevitable regardless of the number of attempts required.

“I have sent the letter to the Federal Parliament secretariat to seek a vote of confidence on May 20th,” announced PM Prachanda, underscoring his proactive approach to the impending parliamentary procedure. Addressing concerns about potential challenges, he dismissed doubts, asserting, “I will secure the vote of confidence no matter how many times it is taken.”

Acknowledging speculation surrounding the need for multiple confidence votes, the Prime Minister remained steadfast, citing past victories as evidence of his unwavering support. “The number of votes might be up and down but a vote of confidence will be secure,” he affirmed, urging allies to remain steadfast in their confidence.

PM Prachanda shed light on the ongoing parliamentary impasse, attributed to issues concerning cooperative preservation. Emphasizing his commitment to dialogue, he disclosed ongoing discussions with opposition parties, expressing optimism for a resolution by Sunday morning. “I believe it will happen,” he remarked optimistically, highlighting the potential breakthrough’s pivotal role in facilitating policy enactment and bolstering his confidence vote bid.


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