Pokhara Ward Faces Backlash Over ‘I Will Cut Down My Trees’ Campaign

The decision by Pokhara Metropolis-19 to launch a campaign titled ‘I Will Cut Down My Trees’ for monkey control has encountered strong opposition. The ward office issued a public notice on Monday, urging residents to support the campaign by chopping down trees in their neighborhoods within a 10-day timeframe.

Environmentalists and various actors have voiced their concerns and protested against the tree cleanup campaign. Pokhara Metropolitan City Mayor Dhanraj Acharya expressed serious reservations about the decision, stating that the metropolis had not sanctioned any such initiative to cut down trees. He cautioned the ward office against proceeding with such actions.

Mayor Acharya went on to advise ward residents not to rely on information issued by the ward and clarified that Pokhara Metropolis had not endorsed any tree-cutting campaign. The controversy revolves around the ward’s attempt to address the issue of monkey infestation in the most affected areas, namely Lamachaur and Purunchaur.

Ward Chairperson Pushpendra Pandey had instructed residents to chop down trees in their surroundings as a measure to control the monkey population. However, the decision has sparked a wave of criticism on social media, with a majority of users expressing their opposition to the campaign. The controversy surrounding the ‘I Will Cut Down My Trees’ initiative continues to unfold, raising questions about its appropriateness and potential environmental impact.


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