Political Turmoil in Koshi : Coalition Faces Floor-crossing; UML’s Rukmini Koirala Wins

In a dramatic twist in Koshi Province, CPN-UML’s Rukmani Koirala clinched victory in the National Assembly elections, securing the women’s seat with an impressive 5,086 vote weightage. The intense competition saw Koirala facing off against the ruling coalition’s candidate, Champadevi Karki, who garnered 4,922 votes.

What makes this win particularly noteworthy is the floor-crossing phenomenon within the coalition, which ultimately played a pivotal role in Koirala’s triumph. Despite the initial strength of the coalition’s vote share in the region, the breakdown of the alliance and defections to UML significantly contributed to Koirala’s resilience and widespread support.

This election outcome signifies a dynamic shift in Koshi’s political landscape, with Rukmani Koirala from UML emerging as the victor, effectively overcoming the challenge posed by the Maoists and highlighting the influence of coalition disarray on the electoral results.


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