Prasai’s Strategic Talks with Gyanendra Shah!

Businessman and activist Durga Prasai has been making headlines for his proactive engagements with key figures in Nepal’s social and cultural spheres.

Prasai, recently had a meeting with former king Gyanendra Shah, expressing optimism about imminent positive developments in Nepal. He took to Facebook to share insights from the meeting, stating that relief for victims in the microfinance, cooperative, banking sectors, and the nation as a whole is on the horizon.

In a Facebook post, Prasai wrote, “Had a meaningful meeting with Shri Shree 5 Maharajdhiraj government. The victims of microfinance, cooperatives, banks, and the country at large will soon find relief from corrupt leaders. Be patient!!”

This meeting with the former king follows Prasai’s recent discussion with actress Manisha Koirala.

The two deliberated on the challenging situation facing the country at Prasai’s residence. Prasai urged Manisha to actively support his campaign, and after the meeting, he expressed enthusiasm as Manisha extended her moral support to his cause.

Durga Prasai’s campaign, titled ‘Campaign to Protect Nation, Nationalism, Religion, Culture, and Citizens,’ encompasses a wide range of goals, including reinstating the monarchy, safeguarding the nation, upholding nationalism, protecting religion and culture, and ensuring the welfare of citizens. Notably, the campaign addresses the concerns of victims in the microfinance, cooperative, and banking sectors.


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