President Paudel honours Dr Bimal with BP Koirala Memorial Literary Award

President Ramchandra Paudel conferred the BP Koirala Memorial Literary Award on Dr Rajendra Bimal of Janakpur today.

The Award instituted by the BP Koirala Memorial Trust and conferred annually was handed to senior literary writer Dr. Bimal amid a programme organized at the Office of President-Sheetal Niwas- in Kathmandu. The Award carries a purse of Rs 100,000 and a letter of commendation.

Similarly, President Paudel honoured 92-year-old Dilliraman Sharma Neupane of Rupandehi district with the BP Memorial Freedom Fighter Award. The Award bears the amount of Rs 51,000 and a letter of honour.

At the programme organized by the Trust on the 110th birth anniversary of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Nepal, BP Koirala, President Paudel said that the reputation of the multifaceted personality of Koirala, who dedicated a long period of his life behind bars and in exile to make the public sovereign, famous at national and international level.

Paudel viewed the socialist viewpoint and values upheld by the late BP Koirala and considered the best concepts were practical and concrete and still relevant of late. Late Koirala believed in democratic principles based on equitable distribution including the determination of priorities.

The Head of the State further said, “The concept of a welfare state, values and ideals put forth by him are still relevant to further strengthen federal democratic republic as well as to build a prosperous country as aspired by the public.”

Claiming that the democratic values including inclusiveness properties incorporated by the current constitution the gist of the ideologies and thoughts upheld by the late Koirala, President Paudel urged one and all not to misinterpret Koirala’s ideologies and thoughts.

“It is a matter of pride for Nepal to get a personality like Koirala who was a dab hand at politics and literature,” he commended.

Similarly, a member of the Trust, parliamentarian and also the son of the late Koirala, Dr Shashank Koirala spoke of the need to further propagate the late Koirala’s democratic thoughts, philosophies and principles.

General-secretary of the Trust, Ramchandra Pokharel, shared that the Trust was going to build its own building and set up a research centre for overall research and study of the late Koirala’s personality.

The programme was attended by the President of the Nepali Congress and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, former Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala, parliamentarians and dignitaries of various fields among others.


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