President Paudel pays homage to Living Goddess Kumari

President Ram Chandra Paudel has paid homage to the Living Goddess Kumari by visiting the Kumarighar in Basantapur this afternoon.

President Paudel paid homage and received Prasad in the Kumarighar, according to President Paudel’s Press Coordinator Khila Karki.

Chairman of Kumarighar Gautamratna Shakya, House of Representatives (HoR) Member Sapana Rajbhandari, Province Assembly Member Shailendraman Bajracharya and others welcomed the President in the Kumarighar.

The President visited the Living Goddess today as per the tradition to visit Goddess Kumari after the election of the Head of the State.

Unlike the past, there was no traffic pause for the general public during the President’s travel today.

After paying homage to Kumari, the President drank tea there — the first time that the Head of the State had tea in the Kumarighar.

Earlier today, a team of the Kumarighar had visited President Poudel at Sheetal Niwas to congratulate on his election as the Head of the State.

As per the tradition, Living Goddess Kumari is worshipped on the Dashami of every month and Prasad is taken to the Head of the State on the next day.


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