President Undergoes Successful Heart Surgery, Pacemaker Inserted

President Ram Chandra Poudel underwent chest surgery at the Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center on Monday (today), where a pacemaker was successfully placed to stabilize his heartbeat.

President Paudel was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after experiencing irregularities in his heart rate. Following thorough medical evaluation and consultations, the decision was made to implant a pacemaker, a small device positioned over the heart, to regulate and maintain a specific heart rate.

A pacemaker is designed to ensure that the heart beats at a predetermined rate per minute. For instance, if the pacemaker is set at 70 beats per minute, it aids the heart in maintaining a steady rhythm of 70 beats every minute.

The pacemaker implantation surgery was performed by a skilled team of cardiothoracic surgeons who specialize in such procedures. The surgery was completed successfully, and President Paudel is now in stable condition.

Typically, a pacemaker remains functional for approximately 10 years before the battery requires replacement.


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