President’s Office Seeks Clarity on Pardoning 34 on Constitution Day

The President’s Office has requested the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide explicit justifications for the proposed pardon of 34 individuals on the occasion of Constitution Day, which is scheduled for September 20.

According to sources within the Home Ministry, the President’s Office has also urged the submission of detailed personal information for the 34 individuals who have been recommended for a pardon.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had put forward a list of 34 individuals for potential pardons, to be granted by the President on Constitution Day. However, the President’s Office, invoking a general legal loophole, has called for a transparent and well-defined rationale behind the recommendation for amnesty for these 34 individuals.

These individuals are reported to have faced serious criminal charges that are “contrary to the law,” but they have not been apprehended. It is unclear why they have not been arrested despite their alleged involvement in criminal activities.

Approximately five days ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs submitted a proposal to the President, suggesting the pardon of these 34 individuals who have been found guilty in various scandals, all in observance of Constitution Day.

Many of these individuals have previously been sentenced in cases related to life imprisonment, smuggling, cooperative fraud, and other offenses. The President’s pardon is seen as a significant step, and the reasons behind these recommendations remain a subject of scrutiny.

Under existing provisions, individuals who have been sentenced can seek a pardon from the President through the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry evaluates these requests based on two criteria: firstly, the conduct of individuals serving their sentences in prison, and secondly, for those who have been sentenced but have not completed their imprisonment term, the proposal is directly submitted by the Ministry.

The current list of 34 individuals falls into the latter category. According to informed sources, the recommendation sent by the Ministry has not provided any specific reasons for the proposed pardons, leaving room for further inquiries and deliberation.


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