Prime Minister Pledges Priority to Armed Police Force Border Development Programme

In a significant announcement on the 23rd anniversary of the Armed Police Force (APF), Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda,’ has declared the government’s unwavering commitment to advancing the APF Border Development Programme.

Addressing the gathering on Tuesday, Prime Minister Prachanda expressed his deep appreciation for the vital role played by the APF in safeguarding the country’s security and dignity. He emphasized that the government holds the APF’s initiatives in high regard, highlighting the significance of border security and management led by the force.

“I am confident that border security and management run by the APF would address existing problems and challenges and thereby make a qualitative contribution to defending the country’s borders and dignity,” affirmed Prime Minister Prachanda.

The Prime Minister lauded the dedication of police cadres and officers of the APF, acknowledging their unwavering commitment to national service despite facing geographical and environmental adversities. He assured the force of the government’s commitment to further equip and mobilize the APF effectively in border security operations.

Expressing gratitude, Prime Minister Prachanda acknowledged the multifaceted contributions of the APF, ranging from revenue collection to the security of important personalities, structures, and the maintenance of internal security, law enforcement, and peacekeeping efforts, in addition to their core responsibility of border security.

In a move to boost morale and enhance career opportunities within the APF, the Prime Minister revealed that the government had completed the promotion process for approximately 6,000 APF cadres and officers across various ranks. He assured continued efforts to address any remaining organizational challenges within the APF in the days to come.

“The government is committed to prioritizing the morale of the cadres and officers in the APF, ensuring services and facilities, and providing arms, ammunition, and other necessary materials for their effective functioning,” pledged Prime Minister Prachanda.

As the nation celebrates the 23rd anniversary of the APF, Prime Minister Prachanda’s assurances signal a renewed focus on strengthening the force’s capabilities and ensuring its pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s borders and maintaining internal security.\


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