Prime Minister Prachanda Steps In to Mediate Nagrik Unmukti Party Dispute

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ took proactive steps on Tuesday to address the internal conflict within the Nagrik Unmukti Party (NUP). Prachanda convened separate meetings with the party’s Chairman, Ranjita Shrestha, and Patron, Resham Chaudhary, at the Prime Minister’s Office to discuss the ongoing dispute.

Sources within the Prime Minister’s secretariat revealed that Prachanda urged both parties to come together and find an amicable solution to the internal strife. Concerned about the negative impact of the dispute on the party’s image, Prachanda emphasized the importance of unity within the NUP.

The intervention by Prime Minister Prachanda underscores the significance of resolving internal conflicts within political parties for the stability and effectiveness of governance.


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